Team Bootstrapping

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Team Bootstrapping

A Team Bootstrap process focusses on the core foundations of a team, and is an indispensable part of forming people into a cohesive unit that knows how to collaborate well.

The Team Bootstrap has the following outcomes:

  • The opportunity for everyone in the team to understand why everyone else is there
  • What the needs are of everyone in order for them to be fully committed to the team
  • The behaviours that are expected from each other as a team
  • A team / social contract that captures the discussions of the day The Team Contract answers this question: “What do you personally need to be in place, to be on this team?”. This contract can then be applied to help each other stay checked into the team.

When to request it

The best time to bootstrap a team is when they are newly forming as a team. Other appropriate times are when there has been a change in team membership or the team feels like they have drifted apart, they are not pulling together or conflict is not being dealt with in a healthy way.


  • R 2 700 / person for small groups (5 – 12 attendees)

* When done as part of a full coaching engagement these sessions are charged at the hourly rate of the coach involved.

** This teaming process does not work for groups larger than 12, and we recommend an ideal team size of 5-7 for an optimal result.

request a team bootstrap

Disclaimer: All prices quoted include 14% VAT and are for client’s premises in Johannesburg, South Africa. Any venue costs or travel outside Johannesburg will be for the client’s account. Prices subject to an annual increase (prices quoted are for FY18). Preferential rates can be negotiated for repeat work.

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