Facilitated Retrospectives

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What it is

Driven facilitated retrospectives are a very effective team or department level learning sessions. We recommend one hour every two weeks for delivery teams, and a slightly longer cadence for leadership teams, to create effective feedback at all levels.

What it can do for you

We believe this is one of our biggest impact offerings. In Driven facilitated retrospectives…

  • We create a space for courageous feedback and actively changing the system in small and effective increments.
  • We enable double loop learning to understand not simply how actions are linked to outcomes, but more powerfully how mindset is linked to actions.
  • We assist in creating a culture of inspect-and-adapt, where the people doing the work own and continually improve the way they work.

When to request them

Any time you need people to collaborate in a healthy way in order to get work done to achieve a common purpose.


  • R 1 100 / person per session for small groups (5 – 12 attendees)
  • R 800 / person per session for larger groups (11 – 20 attendees)

* When done as part of a full coaching engagement these sessions are charged at the hourly rate of the coach involved.

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Disclaimer: All prices quoted include 14% VAT and are for client’s premises in Johannesburg, South Africa. Any venue costs or travel outside Johannesburg will be for the client’s account. Prices subject to an annual increase (prices quoted are for FY18). Preferential rates can be negotiated for repeat work.

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