Driven Agile Bootcamp

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What it is

In this two day workshop, facilitated by people that have been on the journey and have helped many others along the way, we teaching people from all parts of your organisation the basics of what is really about Agile. We run both in-house and public bootcamps.

What it can do for you

Understanding the key principles of Agile is useful when forming the mental models that you use in your work systems. We address the many myths around Agile and what it really looks like in practice through a mix of theoretical learning and interactive simulations covering some of the popular frameworks in use today like Scrum and Kanban.

Over the two days, we cover many topics that are the foundation required to start your Agile journey well. Some topics covered are:

  • Forming a Team/Working Agreements
  • The history of Agile Manifesto
  • Overview of Agile and some of the frameworks in use
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Flow, Ceremonies and Artefacts
  • Scrum Roles - Product Developers, Scrum Masters and Product Owner
  • Sprint Planning and Estimation
  • Daily Standups, Sprint Reviews and Retrospectives
  • Understanding the principles of WIP, Flow and Waste
  • Kanban

When to request it

It is extremely important for the whole of your organisation to understand the “why” on how teams are working in order for them to support agility at the organisational level.

The Driven Agile Bootcamp is useful for any context where…

  • You’d like to learn about Agile from people who’ve successfully applied it
  • Your organisation is using, or considering, an agile approach and you would like to understand more about it
  • If you’ve learned mostly “on the job” and would like to deepen your understanding
  • You simply require a refresher


This is run over 2 full days as an interactive workshop.


  • R 5 988 / person for small groups (5 – 10 attendees)
  • R 4 990 / person for larger groups (11 – 20 attendees)

request a Driven Agile Bootcamp

Disclaimer: All prices quoted include 14% VAT and are for client’s premises in Johannesburg, South Africa. Any venue costs or travel outside Johannesburg will be for the client’s account. Prices subject to an annual increase (prices quoted are for FY18). Preferential rates can be negotiated for repeat work.

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